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Why Hire a Marketing Freelancer?

As a small business owner, we understand that you are juggling every aspect of your business, from product development, accounting, human resources and everything in between. If you find yourself trying to manage every detail of your business, you may find yourself getting a little burnt out, not really knowing where your time is going!

Hiring a Freelance Marketer or Marketing Consultant could be the perfect solution for you and there are many benefits to sourcing one for your start-up or established business.

They Specialise In Their Field

You will find that most freelance marketers currently or have previously worked with various businesses and have the necessary qualifications or accreditations to their name. They will usually have a multitude of skills and may be able to assist you with anything from content creation to web analytics.

Whilst you might find that not every freelance marketer is an expert on absolutely everything, a good one should have quite a bit of experience witu multiple facets and should be able to connect you with someone in a particular niche e.g. SEO or Photography etc. They are constantly learning and evolving and that lets you benefit from the vast amount of knowledge they hold in this space.

You'll Have More Time On Your Hands

Trends and platforms are ever changing and it can be so hard to keep up. You're busy enough as it is, managing every other part of your business whether it be recruiting, accounting and customer care, so why not give yourself more time by hiring a remote freelance marketer? A dedicated marketer joining your team can focus on building a marketing strategy and actually executing it. If you find a good one, you'll be able to see the return on investment! You'll be able to scale up your business and work towards your goals.

You'll Save Money

You may have only just launched your business or maybe you've operated solo for a couple of years and don't have enough funds to cover a full or part time salary. Hiring a freelance marketer is the best option as they will work with you on what you actually need help with. They will most likely be an affordable alternative to a large agency and you'll be working one-on-one with the freelancer. You may want to hire someone on a per-project basis or you may want support for a few hours a month. A freelance marketer will be able to assist you to the capacity you need with very limited commitments on your behalf. As they are outsourced, you won't need to factor in superannuation or sick/annual leave and most will work on either an ad-hoc basis or a monthly retainer.

After graduating with a Marketing degree, The Marketing House's Mary Langley spent years working as a Marketing Coordinator and now shares her love of all things creative and story telling with her own clients. She's worked with various brands from large real estate agencies, furniture retailers, home builders and training organisations. She's also supported small businesses including hairdressers, a children's sensory program, insurance provider, wedding and events stylists, personal trainers and more.

If you're still unsure whether hiring a freelancer marketer is the right fit for you, then contact us for a free 30 minute consultation to see how we can help your business!


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