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How to Access Free Resources for Your Business

As a small business owner, I am constantly looking for ways to up-skill, find industry trends and meet with other professionals. One way I do these (and more) is through one trusty little card.. And it's completely free!

Did you know that the Gold Coast City Library is home to more than just books? It's has been my most used card (aside from my debit card!) and I can't believe how under-utilised it is with business owners or those wanting to start a new business. Take a look at some of the free resources your local library has to offer.

Free Access to LinkedIn Learning

Sure, most business owners have a formal qualification under their belt but with the ever-changing landscape, it's good to keep learning. One of the resources I use from my library card is LinkedIn Learning. It's completely free to use and you'll get access to over 16,000 courses taught by industry professionals. From social media to learning how to use Adobe Photoshop, there is no limit to what you can learn with LinkedIn Learning.

If you run a small team and want your staff to learn a new skill, they can do this through LinkedIn Learning. With subscription fees currently at $54.99 for a premium account, you'll be saving when you access it through your library card. I am a big believer in keeping up to date to current trends, so I dedicate a couple of hours per week to jump on LinkedIn Learning to learn from other professionals and at the moment, I am enjoying a course about Pay Per Click Advertising - such a valuable tool for all small businesses.

Mentoring for Growth Program

The Mentoring for Growth Program is a service provided by Business Queensland and it provides free access to volunteer business mentors who can provide their expertise with challenges you face in your business. They'll match you with a mentor based on their expertise and experience and with over 300 registered mentors, there is no doubt you'll have access to one that can provide valuable insights. You can find out more about how to register your business for a Mentoring for Growth session here.

Small Business Grants

If you're a small business owner, chances are you have plans to grow your business and one way to do this is through a grant. Business Queensland offers a comprehensive guide to finding grants and preparing your application. From Small Business Disaster Recovery Grants to Innovation Grants, there are many opportunities to help the development and growth of your business. You can find out more about grants and eligibility here.

Business Events and Workshops

The City of Gold Coast provide amazing business and events and workshops for members and no matter your interests, you'll find an event you'll love. If you're looking to network with other business owners, your local library will also facilitate these and give you an opportunity to make some great connections. They also regularly hold Q&A's with authors so it's another opportunity to learn from the best. I recently attended a Branding Masterclass and found it really valuable for my business and I was able to get some really great ideas that I could then start to implement for myself. To find an event at your local library, click here.

Free Resources - eBooks and Audiobooks

If you don't love visiting the library or are one of those people that get stung with overdue fines, then you'll love access to OverDrive or BorrowBox through your library membership card. You'll have free access to the latest releases in eBooks and Audiobooks and best of all, you won't ever get charged a late fee! Check out the latest business books available on OverDrive here. If you want access to other genres, from children's books to fiction, why not visit BorrowBox - all you'll have to do is login using your library card.

I am always looking for ways to learn and my local library has been immensely helpful in letting me do this - all for FREE! I would love to know - did you know about these resources? Have you used them before?

If you have a small business and don't have time to manage your social media accounts or just don't know how to run an effective ad campaign, then please reach out. We love helping small business owners just like you so please contact us here or visit our Instagram to see some of our work.


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