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Best Northern Gold Coast Cafes to Work From

In the age of remote work and digital nomadism, cafes have become more than just places to grab a quick coffee—they've evolved into vibrant workspaces buzzing with productivity. If you're like us and occasionally want a change of scenery or looking to escape the confines of a traditional or home office, we've collated some of our favourite Northern Gold Coast cafes that double as excellent workspaces.

With a great industrial vibe, Brewed on Cuthbert is a great option for those wanting a delicious cup of BlackBoard Coffee or a cheeky afternoon wine! They've got an all-day breakfast and lunch menu and have a spacious, open-plan layout for you to work from!

Why We Love It

Easy Access: Located close to the M1, it's an easy spot to get to

Industrial Vibe: Moody, industrial vibes, perfect for capturing some great content too

Afternoon Drinks: Options for a cheeky afternoon drink including cocktails, wine and beer

Terrarium Cafe | Oxenford

A fan favourite, Terrarium Cafe is located on Maudsland Road, Oxenford and is such a great spot with beautiful decor. Using Q Roasters coffee, you'll be spoilt for choice with their amazing breakfast, lunch and drink options.

Why We Love It

Great vibe: Enjoy the soothing ambience surrounded by plants and natural light.

Healthy Menu Options: Try their amazing Acai Bowl - you can thank us later

Easy Parking: Plenty of on-street parking available

Sanctum Cafe | Biggera Waters (Harbour Town)

One of our favourite spots (and conveniently located in Harbour Town), Sanctum Cafe is a beautifully designed cafe with food and coffee to match!

Why We Love It

Food Options: Plenty of affordable options for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Coffee: Serves artisan coffee from Bellissimo coffee roasters

Wi-Fi Available: Connect to the wifi and get your work done

Want to feel like you're on an Island in an exotic location? Then you'll definitely want to visit Kokomo Kitchen + Bar. With a little private beach and expansive grassed area, you can switch it up a bit and enjoy the beautiful weather whilst getting work done!

Why We Love It

Tropical Vibes: Relaxed outdoor and undercover spaces for you to enjoy

Plenty of Parking: Plenty of parking but visit their website first so you don't get lost (as it's tucked away)

All Day Dining: Breakfast, lunch and cocktail hour - yes please!

Harvest Cafe | Pimpama

A new option for Northern Gold Coast locals, Harvest Cafe is located in the Pimpama Home Focus precinct. A great option for those wanting to be productive, there are inside and outside seating options, for breakfast and lunch and a delicious cup of coffee!

Why We Love It

Private Spaces: We love working in the little booths (get the one right at the very back and you'll get so much done)

Delicious Food: Great options for light snacks or a delicious breakfast or lunch

Depot | Coomera (Westfield)

Open 7 days a week, Depot is a great spot and conveniently located at Coomera Westfield (park under on the Coles side and walk along the outside of the centre to find Depot). It's got a great industrial vibe and an upstairs loft (with a lounge - our favourite) to get lots of work done!

Why We Love It

Amazing Service: Every time we've come here, we are greeted with the biggest smiles

Private Space: The upstairs loft is a great, quiet space to work from

Wi-Fi Available: Connect to the centre wifi and get your work done

Rise Bakery | Sanctuary Cove

French Patisserie - need we say more? When you walk into Rise Bakery, you'll be captivated by the beautiful decor and the stunning array of cakes and pastries. Located in beautiful Sanctuary Cove, Rise Bakery has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating to enjoy a coffee and croissant (or two!)

Why We Love It

Great Location: In the heart of Sanctuary Cove with plenty of parking available

Insta-Worthy: A beautiful interior and stunning treats will get you motivated

Why Choose a Cafe Over an Office?

Working from a cafe offers a refreshing departure from the traditional office setting. Here's why many individuals are opting for cafes as their go-to workspaces:

Change of Environment: Break away from routine and find inspiration in new surroundings.

Boost in Creativity: Cafes stimulate creativity with their unique atmospheres and diverse clientele.

Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom to work at your own pace without rigid office hours.

Networking Opportunities: Meet like-minded individuals and expand your professional network organically.

The Northern corridor of the Gold Coast is teeming with cafes that provide the perfect blend of ambiance, amenities, and culinary delights for a productive workday. Whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, consider embracing the cafe workspace to elevate your productivity and creativity. So grab your laptop, order your favourite brew, and support a local Gold Coast business!


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